Be lazy.
Use Livecards.

We think that managing your address book is the most boring thing in the world.

Let the others do it for you and spend your time on something more interesting.

The Livecards app allows you to easily share your contact details with friends and business partners, keeping them automatically up to date and staying in control of your data.

1. Create

Create your personal stack of Livecards – private or business.

As many as you need.

2. Share

Share your Livecards with as many contacts as you want – via app, email or text.

The receiver doesn't need to use Livecards.

3. Keep track

You can easily see if your Livecards have been delivered and read.

You can withdraw previously shared contact details at any time.

4. Connect

Add new contacts with just one click.

5. Be up-to-date

Livecards are always up-to-date and streamed directly into your phone's address book.

Download Livecards now for free